Weeknote 6: Self-kindness discussion tops peer support session highlights

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This week I have been assisting at 4 peer support sessions. I’m like the wingman to each session facilitator. The Robin to their Batman.

This isn’t always easy for someone who like to lead (but for whom its good to learn to be Robin 😉). My role is mainly taking notes, managing breakouts and contributing when conversation needs a boost. I tend to chip in other times too. I guess I never feel sure how much to offer a contribution and how much to leave space for others… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Fave highlight: What does self-kindness look like at work?

My favourite moment was how people responded when one member shared a little about how they might be kinder to themselves at work. Self kindness was their way of describing it. In response the group clustered around with warmth, care, reflections and some of the practical ways they look after themselves and their time at work. It felt like a connecting moment and I feel grateful to the person who shared the enquiry. Here’s a few of the practical things people shared:

  • Making sure they had someone to talk to when they felt unhappy with their work
  • Turning off message notifications on their computer
  • Checking email for 30 minutes at the end of the day only
  • Not scheduling or agreeing to meetings before midday
  • Actively practicing letting go of small stuff at work
  • The Life Kit Podcast episode on joy, laziness, time, passion and resilience.

Digital strategy: what’s it actually all about?

Digital strategy was an ever-present theme across the 4 groups. What I heard was questions about what to actually put in a strategy and how to go about making one.

I’ve never written a digital strategy, only digital content ones. But I have seen many different types of digital strategy, so I don’t think there is only one way. I heard this shared in a few different ways. I wonder if it doesn’t matter so much what your strategy looks like and that the real value is in how the process of creating one makes people critically reflect on what they mean by digital and the different areas of digital across their organisation.

We’ve put together a reading list about this, but I’m not sure that’ll be enough. I think Deloitte are planning a digital strategy workshop.

Strategy is such a big word. Design thinking and user research workshop sessions have been more helpful, but I’d like them to be more specific. How do I apply what I’m hearing in these workshops in my world? — CAST team notes from a peer session

Other highlights

  • Hearing how people saw the sessions as a way to reconnect to the programme after the recent lull and, in some cases, unexpected work requirements pulling them away from their DDC work
  • How people appreciate sessions as a chance to pause and reflect on what they are doing and why they are doing it
  • Seeing a handful of people making the shift from thinking about digital solutions to focusing on user research first
  • Fave thing I did: explaining Knowledge Boards — as a tool for helping you work out where to start your user research (or to start any project really…)

I have a new way of thinking about our app as a prototype — CAST team notes from a peer session

Previously we assumed people had digital awareness but we were wrong — now we assume the other way and ask beneficiaries what resources and skills they have to start with. A lot of work on digital inclusion. — CAST team notes from a peer session


Not all was hunky-dory.

Three folk mentioned they had found the Routefinder process frustrating because it either repeated things they had already done or felt like a long barrier to getting Deloitte volunteer support.

Some people found the onboarding process to be a bit long. They experienced a loss of momentum for some of March.

Next up on DDC

We’re into phase 2 now. People are getting matched with volunteer buddies and mentors from Deloitte’s staff. For some this will be a big enabler to getting into gear and for others a big hand to the work they already have underway.



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